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Start getting personal great single-family investment opportunities 

SIMP is a data-driven investment platform
for real estate investors.

We provide a powerful set of tools
for investors that empower them to locate great single-family home opportunities across the US and purchase them online.
SIMP scan in realtime nationwide opportunities, analyzing the best one for you based on your investment strategy. 

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How Does It Work

SIMP enables you to pinpoint the best investment opportunities across the US.

Our system monitors nationwide opportunities in real-time
and analyzes them according to multiple investment strategies using a unique algorithm which is a combination of expert system and machine learning models.


Let's Chat

Start a dialog with our smart online personal investment advisor. 

Help him get to know you and your investment strategy better.
The online advisor is an expert in this field and he is going to be available to you at any time and will walk you through the entire process.



Our advisor will help you to find the best properties that match your investment strategy within seconds. You will get access to these properties and full analysis for each one.
We also help you to compare because we know it's an essential key to decision making.


Dive In

You can ask our online advisor any question that you have, 24/7, to get the full picture.
Also, feel free to schedule a video chat with one of our top experts.



After you made a decision, you can easily make an offer through our platform and start the purchase process. 


Our Story

Coming from the real estate industry and after more than 17 years of experience in this field, we understood that things have to be done differently. 


SIMP was started as a way to help real estate investors close more transactions in less time. We have been working with investors spending a great deal of time trying to find great deals on the market. We realized they needed a better way to make things work more efficiently. 


One of the main challenges was to address the different needs each investor has and to reduce the time spent analyzing every single property in order to get the investors the information they need to make an informed investment decision. 


We realized that technology can help investors in the investment locating process and provide them the ability not just to search online but actually purchase online.
The main idea behind SIMP is simple yet ambitious - bring together multiple data points in order to make the best decisions when buying investment properties AND turning these decisions into actionable items while streamlining the purchase process making it simpler for both beginners and experienced real estate investors.

Investors now could get accurate results and make smarter and faster decisions that are data-driven based.

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Our Vision

Investing in real estate doesn't have to be a hard, frustrating and time-consuming process. We want to make a change in the way real estate investors invest in real estate.
Using our powerful platform sets a new way to transact.
SIMP creates fast, transparent and digital solutions that fit the new generation of investors.

© 2019 SIMP, all rights reserved


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